If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Dr. Park has treated all three of our children, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with the practice. She is a talented professional and is determined to get the best results for her clients. A true perfectionist. She is thorough and communicative, letting us know her plan at each step of the process. She and her staff are fun, caring, and take time to get to know their clients and families. I could not recommend Dr. Park more highly. She’s also very well respected by other dental professionals, which was quite reassuring.” — Sonya P.

“We have been happy with the doctors’ courses of treatment. Everyone in the office is very helpful and friendly. It’s always been easy to get appointments and someone is always available for emergencies. We have been particularly pleased with how cooperative and flexible everyone has been when coordinating treatments and procedures with other doctors and their offices.” — Pam S.

“This has been a great experience for both Lindsay and me. Lindsay had some anxiety initially, but the staff and doctor have been so pleasant and friendly, that the fear quickly went away. We would highly recommend this practice to our family and our friends.” — Sherry and Lindsay P.

“What a wonderful experience! Coming here is like hanging out with family! Everyone is warm and friendly; such a comfortable environment. My teeth look wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you!” — Kristin C.

“Professional. Always positive reinforcement. Nice assistants and office staff. Never embarrassing or negative to the patient. Fun and enthusiastic office!” — Jill C.

“Everyone in the office is very friendly and nice. You are always greeted with a hello, and at the end, they explain what has been done and what will be done the next time. All the different contests help to make everyone feel like they are part of the ‘family.’ Our experience at Markin & Park Orthodontics has been wonderful!!” — Joe D.

“I only have positive things to say about this practice! From the very first visit until today, I have been so impressed with your friendliness and professionalism! You made us all feel welcome and created an atmosphere that was comfortable for all of us. Although my boys did not love having braces, they have never complained about having to come here for appointments. They enjoyed all the contests and earning wooden nickels. I thank all of you for helping to create beautiful smiles for my boys. When I look back at our ‘braces years,’ I will do so with fond memories of some very special people!” — Terry R.

“I talk about the wonderful atmosphere of your practice. You explain and discuss the patient’s treatment after each visit. You are always available to answer questions and make minor fixes. I believe that Dr. Park will continue in the tradition and philosophy of the practice — valuing your patients and making orthodontics fun. Everyone seems happy and pleasant. It was a pleasure coming to your practice! Thank you!” — Ruwanda D.

“Always ready for us. Almost never have to wait. Always friendly service!” — Mark B.

“Haley is our third and final child receiving treatment at this practice and we are extremely pleased with all aspects of service that we have received. In particular, when we have needed a last-minute appointment for any kind of repair, we have always been accommodated wonderfully. The front desk staff has always been exceptional and very professional!” — Renee K.

“I enjoyed coming to my appointments because everyone is so friendly and caring. There was never an issue with treatment, and I am extremely happy with the service, and most importantly, the results! I was going to the orthodontist for many years and was losing hope of ever having the perfect smile. But, thanks to all at the practice, I am very happy and would definitely recommend any and every one!” — Thoraya H.

“Very, very well run: on time, professional, and everyone is so friendly. I highly recommend the practice!” — Susan G.

“The office doesn’t feel like a ‘money machine’ and the doctors and assistants take their time with each patient. Appointments are usually on time and they put a sign up when they know they are behind. Staff is always pleasant, even when they are busy!” — Theresa P.

“The practice has been extremely thorough in evaluating Kevin and providing the right treatment for him. He has followed the recommended steps and has wonderful results! It’s important that the doctors and staff make the visits fun and enjoyable — both in which they have succeeded! You have a great practice and I recommend the practice to others! Thank you!” — Rebecca G.

“We’ve always been happy with Markin & Park Orthodontics! Amy and Marie now have beautiful teeth! I think everyone in the practice has always been helpful and friendly. We’ve greatly appreciated your willingness to fit in appointments whenever a bracket comes loose or the girls felt discomfort. We’ve always had all the help we need when we had a question about insurance or billing. We’ve been very, very pleased!” — Peter G.

“Was a great experience for my son and me. Thank you for the beautiful smile he now has! Everybody was nice and helpful! Great office!” — Maria C.

“The staff at Markin & Park Orthodontics is always friendly and helpful. Moreover, it is always very easy to get in to see the doctor or a technician when emergency situations come up. The payment options are helpful as well!” — Shari W.

“We have had a very positive experience here. My older son went through the treatment as well. I always recommend this practice to anyone who asks.” — Tyler’s Mom

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